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How can I send goods to (or from) a foreign country?

I bought some goods that have arrived at the Port of Barcelona. What should I do to get them out of the port?

What should I do about sending/receiving personal items (house moves, vehicles, etc.)

How can I find out which scheduled services operate to a specific port abroad?

How can I obtain an inspection label for a container?

How can I obtain container inspection photos?

What are Incoterms and how are they classified?

How can I find out if my goods have arrived?

Brexit, what should I be aware of?

How can I make a booking to deliver or collect a container at a terminal?

I’m a haulier. What steps should I take to unload in Barcelona? How can I obtain an acceptance or delivery note? How can I access the OT website?

Where can I buy used containers?

How can I find out when and where my cruise ship or ferry arrives? Can I accompany my relatives who are embarking or disembarking?

I would like to send my CV. How can I do it?

Fees and charges

Information on fees and charges levied at the Port of Barcelona

Efficiency Network

The Port of Barcelona Quality Label


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