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Here you can check the upcoming stops of your ship.
For any shipment of goods abroad, you need to contact a freight forwarder or a customs agent (it would be useful if they had a correspondent in the countries of origin and destination) who can inform you about requirements, procedures, documents, charges and estimated costs and will be able to organise the entire shipment to the place of delivery. The following link on our website lists the freight forwarders and customs agents who are affiliated to the Port of Barcelona Efficiency Network quality label and therefore meet the quality standards established by our technical department.
For advice on requirements and the cost of collecting your goods, we recommend that you contact a logistics operator. The seller in the country of origin ought to have one, who should be able to tell you the name of their correspondent (or partner company) in Barcelona. If your goods do not fill a whole container and have come in a container shared with other purchasers, it will go from the Port of Barcelona to the warehouse of the operator who will open it, remove the goods and distribute them among the various customers. That is why it is advisable to ask your seller in the country of origin which company your freight forwarder will send the container to in Barcelona. That way, when you get in touch with the company in Barcelona, you can ask them to estimate the total cost and avoid any surprises when the container arrives. The same operator will be in charge of completing customs formalities and handing over the goods.


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